In all honesty

I have PsA-Psoriatic Arthritis.  PsA is an autoimmune disease that differs from other arthritis in that it can attack the entire body not just the joints.  In many cases it can go for years or even decades with just joint pain, stiffness and fatigue as well as a skin rash. In extreme cases it can be deforming and even attack the organs.  Every case is different.  I will be writing what it means for ME, but would love to hear from others as well.

I am writing this for several reasons.  First and most selfishly, I imagine it to be cathartic without burdening those who love me with constant complaints.  I also feel I don’t often communicate to friends, and those who work along side me, what is going on with my health.  Also because its a silent illness and so hard to understand not just for others, but for those of us who live with it.  PsA was basically unheard of until a famous golfer recently was diagnosed and started speaking out about it.

The first time I wrote this post (I am new to this and somehow erased the whole thing) I went on for hours and posted what my illness looks like on a good day.  I will do this again, but for me it was the universe telling me to simplify.  For me this illness causes almost constant stiffness and aching.  I get chronic migraines that my doctor is sure is related.  The tissue around my heart swells, crushing my heart, which isn’t as dangerous as it sounds but it is every bit as painful as it sounds.  When this happens it mimics a heart attack.  My heart hurts badly.  My jaw will start feeling like its being crushed.  My whole chest will start hurting and the smallest breath its excruciating.  My days are short and my fatigue is demanding.  Yet I manage to live a fulfilling life.  A happy life.

Thanks for reading.



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2 responses to “In all honesty

  1. Crysti Stevenson

    I’m so sorry for what you are going through, I had no idea. My thoughts are with you sweetie. Xoxo

  2. Hi Katinka, In my thoughts I’ll be with you. Wish you all the strength you need.

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