Over Sensitive Senses

I have no idea what this is called, and it doesn’t really apply to Psoriatic Arthritis, but it does apply in a direct moment to moment way to my life and the way I deal with my illness.

I have very keen senses.  Sometimes its a gift.  I can taste the nuances in a dish enough to replicate it and maybe even improve on it, I can taste and smell meat on the verge of not being good for me, avoiding many cases of stomach upset I am sure.  I have a keen eye for color.  I get great comfort over the sensation of softly woven bamboos and silks.  At times I can feel the rain coming and even an earthquake as a physical sensation on my skin.  Massage is very healing for me.
That being said it is also a curse. I can smell cat spray so strongly it can ruin a day lounging at the most visually beautiful pools I have seen, or animal urine can cause me to retch so badly I won’t do my laundry which is in the room with the cat box.  Some colors will cause an uncomfortable physical sensation on my skin and almost make me feel sick.  If I pay attention to detail I get obsessed, so if I clean all I see is more and more dirt, so I cope with this by ignoring cleaning.  I have a hard time sleeping anywhere, as I have a princess and the pea syndrome where I am never quite comfortable even in a nice bed with soft pillows.  I long for sheets and pillows and beds more expensive than my pocketbook allows.  I have a hard time being satisfied with food without flavor, but will sometimes eat compulsively until I find the something that pleases my tongue, instead of my stomach.  Sounds, lights, and smells can all give me a migraine.  If a medication has a side effect I seem to get it, especially if its something like itching, or vision distortion.  I can feel medication often going through my veins.  My skin is over sensitive to a unbearable degree in certain places.  I can’t stand to have my wrists or the veins in the back of my hand touched.  Sometimes I wonder if the pain I feel is also amplified by this over sensitivity.  I had ear inflammation a few months ago caused most likely by the audio immune and the roaring in my ear was impossible to ignore.

Sometimes something switches in me and my senses get even more acute.  Often when I have an migraine or anxiety.  At this point I can’t stand the smell of the dogs anywhere in the house, the neighbors weed wacker two blocks down makes me feel like screaming and I can not find anything in my closest comfortable enough to weary so that I don’t want to rip my skin off.  I can feel and see dirt on my skin, my hair itches my shoulders, and I can hear my heart beating, and my own breathing sounds impossibly loud.  Add pain to that and I feel like I am literally going insane.  I can feel often where the pain is exactly, which ribs are dislocated, what joints are under attack, often pain deep deep in my bones, or right under the surface of my skin.   Maybe this is where any obsessive compulsive behavior of mine originates from.

It is something I am going to have to start considering in my quest for health…ways to deal with this over sensitivity, or ignore it.  I would love to hear from others, or any information anyone has on this.


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