Daily Health Journal- Day 2, cont.

I finally realized what the Orange pain was that kept shooting through my torso.  I had several ribs seriously dislocated.  You would think I would realize it sooner by now, I have had it happen so often for so long, but I think the pain makes me brain dead, and I miss the obvious.

As soon as I realized it was my ribs I went to the Chiropractor and he fixed me all up.  I felt great after.  I had an hour before I had to be at the doctors to get results from a TB test so I went ran some errands.  Two stores, one to pick up some white paint and another to raid their school supply sale for an envelope for my binder.  I have to stay as organized as possible or I will surely forget important things.  All together I was out about two hours,between the chiro, two stops at the doctor and the two errands.  I felt great.  Invincible.  And then…I wen’t back to bed.  The pain wasn’t so bad today but the fatigue hit me so strong.  About 1 pm I also developed a migraine. Also when I started getting tired my acid reflux kicked in.  I have a show tomorrow night, so I am trying to stay up a little let to prepare for it, but its 9 pm and I feel like its well past midnight.  I am going to have to take it extra easy this weekend at the art shows and really depend on my partner to do most everything.

Sometimes its about being ok with letting others take care of things.


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