Daily Health Journal- Day 2

Yesterday afternoon, I felt blah but was able to go to a doctors appointment and even a quick drop by the mall to pick up something for my daughter.  The new pain in my torso came back a couple of times, and was enough to make me double over, but then it faded both times with in about 10 minutes.  Then I took a nap at about 5.  When I awoke from my nap I had energy like I hadn’t had since Saturday morning.  I was cautious with it and took it easy.

This morning I woke about 4 am, annoyed because I could hear the rushing of my blood and feel a slight itching in my right ear.  I really don’t want the ear inflammation to return.  I lay there for 30 minutes before realizing my migraine was still absent.  Instead there is a sensation of widening and maybe some sensitivity where my several week long migraine was.  Then I tuned into the rest of my body…some aching yes, around the lower back especially, and that torso pain is back, it could be the feeling of several ribs out, especially lower ones.  But on a positive side much less aching than I have had all this week.  And there is something new, a new sensation throughout my body but especially in my hands and feet.  It feels as if my cells are vibrating.  Very much like “energy work” feels.  I can remember feeling this as a child, and doing experiments with others to feel energy passing from hand to hand.  Dare I say I feel good this morning?  Even better than my own baseline of normal?  I think I do.  It’s five am and I have spent the most of the last four days in bed and now I want to go for a walk.

I have three art shows this weekend and suddenly I am not frightened by the idea of it, instead I am hopeful.  I will try not to get too exciting so I don’t feel crushed if this feeling is fleeting, and I will try to spend today resting before my work week starts tomorrow.

But maybe a brief walk in the pre dawn….


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