Daily Health Journal- Day 5

Here is what I have noticed about writing health journals.  In the morning by the time I make it to the computer I am feeling nearly as good as I will feel all day, and in the evening I am way too tired to make it up yet another set of stairs to get on the computer and blog.

My day yesterday, I took it easy, and got a lot of work done at home, and at two o’clock it was like I was hit by an exhaustion brick.  I took a nap, but even after I woke up I was mostly done with the day.  At that point of exhaustion I can read or watch tv, or go for a car ride as the passenger, but I don’t get very much actually done.

Also need to rethink my pain scale.  Exhaustion is a huge part of being chronically ill and even though yesterday was a low pain day, exhaustion was disabling.  I use the spoon analogy often, but I think I need something else that I can share that can become more universally and easily shared and understood.


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