Remicade Stinks

Remicade stinks, and I mean that literally.  Normally I don’t talk about such things but I swore to be honest as possible here, so I need to put my delicacies aside and just say it.

Since day one of taking Remicade I have smelled like a wild feral beast.  Not like human sweat, but like a musk coming from all my pores, not offensive but strong enough I am sure I can be smelled across a room. This smell doesn’t really wash off, during a shower and directly after it is fainter, but it is always there.  It’s not chemically, like I would imagine medication to smell, its a raw animal smell.  I feel very fortunate I don’t work in an office daily right now, I might get the boot for stinking.  Hopefully this will fade as my body gets used to the medication. I think I will refrain from sharing this post on my Facebook so that I don’t gross out too many people who don’t have to see me in person, but for those out there who really want to know what its like to take Remicade, I am putting it out there for you.  Wondering if anyone else has had this side effect.


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