The number of exhaustion

After thinking hard about the numerical pain scale I started using a color spectrum for pain, see the color of pain blog post, but pain scale alone can not communicate how I feel.  Energy level also has a huge influence.  Pain of orange with high energy and I can still probably make it through a work day, blue pain with no energy and I can’t function.

I do think the numerical scale for energy can work, but backwards.  I am thinking of it as a 10 gallon gas tank.  Energy of 10 and I can do most anything, Zero I am flat on my face.

With the two scales I can use them together to give a more precise idea of how I am feeling.  I will start using the two together and see how it works.  A yellow pain with a 6 energy is very different than yellow with a 3 energy.  It might help me communicate better with my family and doctors as well.






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