Daily Health Journal- day 8 (yesterday)

Well the problem with writing a day later is I always feel so removed from yesterday’s pain, which is a good thing in a way.  If I met a friend and they asked how yesterday was I would say it was fine.  And in my mind now it pretty much was.  I have to think hard to recall that although my energy was good nearly all day, my migraine was rather intense.  I took several different medications and had coffee and it would calm down here and there but not go away.  It was its second day around.  I spent the day sitting quietly or laying down.  I couldn’t gather the strength to get my paints out, which is a huge problem with having my studio so cluttered and crowded, I can no longer just go in and paint, but it requires me getting things out and setting them up, so I paint less.  If I leave my painting stuff out on the kitchen table which is where I usually paint lately it can stay there for a week, and I really treasure my family time around a table.  Maybe the solution is a nice painting lamp in the corner of the living room where I wouldn’t be too much in the way, but could have a small about of my paints out.


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  1. I think a small painting table is a good compromise. Its the little things (ie. painting) that gets us through the tough.

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