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Daily Health Journal-9/30

I was able to help my grandmother three days in a row.  I have found if I am not in too much pain three cups of coffee spread through the day will give me just enough energy.  Its a temporary solution I know.  The coffee and caffiene will wreck havok on my acid reflux, cause a chronic cough, and exasperate my slipping rib syndrome.

My ribs were bothering me yesterday but not as severely as the day prior.  I woke with a migraine today but I had gone a whole week without one, so I would feel ungrateful to complain.  My psoriatic arthritis pain hasn’t been bad at all, so I am hopeful that the Remicade is working.  The nurse did say some people see results in as little as six weeks and thats where I am.  So far I haven’t noticed any side effects, such as hair loss or infection; only rather extreme fatigue for a few days after the injection.

Took some off brand migraine asprin as excedrine migraine is still off the market.  Hopefully it will also take the edge off of the rib pain.


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Daily Health Journal-Sept. 28, 2012

Well its been an awesome week health wise.  Nearly a week with very little migraine.  My muscle and joint aches have been far less severe, and my energy level has been up.  I have been helping my grandmother hold an estate sale so I have been having three caffeine drinks a day to be able to make it through the day, but I have been able to.  Still tired by mid evening, but its certainly better than by mid afternoon, or even mid morning.

The worst thing has been the dislocated ribs from the slipping rib syndrome.  I wish I had a monthly chiropractic membership so I could go as often as needed.  I often go a week or two, sometimes longer in rather dibilitation pain, because I simply can’t afford to go to a chiropractor more than a couple of times a month.  Still a couple Aleve and I have been able to get through my responisiblites.  I did have to cancel three shows this weekend, because I know I just don’t have the energy or health to do the shows and the estate sale.  Someday maybe.  If not, its ok.  I think I could live just fine being in just a moderate amount of pain.  The rib pain gets worse at night, when my body is tired and the meds wear off.  I also am sure wearing bras make it worse.    It’s nearly 10 pm now and my breathing is short and shallow because my chest hurts so much with every breath. They have been out for a week now, so I don’t know how much longer I will be able to stand them out.  I already gone to the chiropractor three times this month so I am waiting until we can  afford it.  Its so hard to spend so much money on it as I know its always such a temporary fix.  Still its been a relatively excellent week.  Remicade infusion is next Tuesday.

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Daily Health Journal- 9/27/12

Yesterday I said that I had been on Remicade a month, but I am notoriously horrible with math and its been 6 weeks, with my third infusion scheduled for next Tuesday.

Yesterday I struggled still with exhastion but was able to run errands and finish a painting.  After dinner, where I over ate a bit, the ribs that had slipped over the weekend started really giving me problems.  Its hard to breath, but slipping rib syndrome is something that is unlikely to ever improve and I can’t afford to go to the chiropractor ever time a rib or two gets dislocated.  If I had unlimited funds I would go to the chiropractor a few times week, but instead try to limit it to once or twice a month, which tends to be enough to keep me out of the emergency room.  Two alleve tempered the pain enough so I could sleep, and two more this morning so I can get through the day.  I am helping my grandmother get ready for a big estate sale, so I will just need to communicate that I can not lift things.

Exercise on hold until my ribs are a bit better.

Another day without a migraine, sounds like a great day to me!  Also arthritis pain a minimum!

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Exercise program with Illness

peI hate to exercise.  I don’t see the point in running if nothing is chasing me.  I have never liked to run.  I love to dance but there is very little chance for dance out here in what still feels the middle of nowhere.  I have always disliked exercise for exercise sake.  Make it fun like fencing, dance or yoga sure, I will do that.  I love all sorts of that sort of “sport”.  Exercising now is harder because it hurts.  It just hurts.  And not that good kind of muscle burn that you feel working out that lets you know you are getting healthier and stronger, but a bad hurt.  The kind of hurt that says if you will probably be in bed the next couple of days.  Then there are classes.  Yoga classes and dance aerobic classes that are just disastrous for people with limited energy.  10 minutes into the class you know you need to quit, but you are too embarrassed to leave, so you wind up leaving anyways after 30 minutes and spending the next two days in bed.  Then there are silver sneaker programs for elderly.  You can watch elderly people run circles around you, hollering things like “keep up young lady” and “is that all you can lift, grab some real weights”.  Hopefully you can sneak out before anyone starts talking about their bowels.

I think I have found a solution that might work for me.  While flipping channels in a bit of a vegetative mood I came across an older woman with a ballerina’s body.  She was doing stretches simalar to what I used to do for warm up in my ballet classes.  She mixed it with some yoga and other dance like movements.  Next thing I new I was standing up, doing two or three movements of each exercise.  I hit “record series” on my TV.

After such a good weekend I decided to start her exercise videos in the morning when I am feeling my best.  Yesterday I probably did 6 minutes.  Today it was more like 4.  When it start to really hurt and my muscled refused to work I gave up.  But only for today.  I will find the name of this stretch program and post it.  Its on PBS in the early morning.  I will also mention my progress with it on my daily health journal.

I would love to hear other ways people with arthritis or other chronic pain illnesses stay fit.


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Daily Health Journal- Sept 26

Well its been almost a month since my first Remicade, but somehow it feels so much longer.  Its a strange thing to focus on my health when I have always tried in the past to ignore it.  Yesterday my pain level was low.  Green all day mostly just with aches.  My exhaustion level was high though.  I drove my husband to half a dozen car repair places yesterday, and the small trips felt like I had been driving all night.  My fatigue was so strong I actually fell asleep at an intersection on one of my 10 minutes drives.  I was home by four and in bed.  At 6 I got up and half made dinner with some help and was back in bed by 7:30.  My body literally wouldn’t move from exhaustion.  I have most today to rest up before helping out my grandmother on Thursday and Friday.  I will be spending my mornings helping her have an estate sale and need to be strong and as healthny as possible.  I should be able to make it home by the time my son gets home from school and run him to his lessons then go to bed to save up for the next day. I work on Saturday, and Friday night some friends and I are taking dinner to a friends home who is unable to get out because of illness.  I feel I am neglecting friends who could use some company and support.  I have to remember that even though I am having a hard time there are others who are having a harder time and they need some attention as well.  This weekend I am helping grandma and my dad, maybe next week I can find the time and engry to go see my dear friend Jena.  She is such a fighter herself, dealing with chemotherapy and radiation the last year and still being an incredible mom.  We have gotten each other through some rough days and I am eager to spend some time with her soon.  Friendship is important soul food and I shouldn’t neglect it in my quest for health.

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Daily Health Journal- 9/25

I have been five days away from my Journal; four at an art show and one day recouperating.  This weekend my health was remarkable.  I think I have finally reach an end of that what seemed to be a nearly month long migraine.  I had a couple mind migraines through the weekend and one really annoying one most the day on Saturday but it was my first weekend in a long time where I spent more time without migraine than with.

I had hours on hours of crystal blue levels of pain, or no pain in this case, to match the blue of the sky and ocean.  My cheap motel room was up a step hill with several flights of stairs to drag myself up and down a few times a day, which gave me quite a workout.  Every evening after the show I felt like crawling into a cave and sleeping forever, but my business partner gave me a nightly foot massage and after that and a cool shower (it was hot and sticky in Catalina) I was able to make it down the stairs again every evening with just about enough energy to walk to dinner and back.  By 3 oclock daily I was exhausted, and my 6 could hardly move, but it certainly beat waking up that way!  Maybe it was the clean air doing me well, or maybe the Remicade is working, or maybe just my body being able to fight my illness because it wasn’t having to deal with the migraine.

I did look longingly at  the night club as I walked by at 8:30 knowing there was no way I could actually dance, or even be up by the time it opened its doors, but I did plenty of walking, made new friends, and generally had a great working vacation.  The art show was a success and I am already excited about next year.  My partner and I are considering doing less markets and more art shows to better focus my limited energy.  I also have vowed to do less volunteer work, limiting my work load to the middle school PTA, and after the year finishes not signing up for another year.  I have limited energy and need to respect that.  I need to put time and energy into my art, and refocus there.  Last year I did far too much volunteer work and far too little of my own art work.  I am also going to be taking on more community art classes so will need some of my reserved energy for that.    Being selfish about my energy always felt like a horrible thing to do, but now I realize its is the only way to realize my dreams and it sounds down right liberating.

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Woke up at 4:30 am with a code red migraine.  Took some Maxalt, then at 6 took some excedrine migraine, then topped it off with a cup of coffee.  Its now a tolerable yellow.  Annoyed that they migraine free time lasted less than two days.  The rest of me is feeling rather good, but have been focusing on relaxing the last couple of days to have the energy for my  art show this weekend.  Some chest and jaw pain last night, but went away with Aleve and sleep.

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