Daily Journal 9, 10, 11

Friday- Friday I moved slowly at first but by 10 felt good enough to go get a manicure.  That really sums it up I think.  I felt good enough to go get a manicure.  I was excited about it.  I could actually drive, not walk, the three minutes to the shop, and sit there and get primed and pampered for an hour.  Then I went home and had to relax.  I was thinking I was doing pretty good.  But when I look back and think that I thought that was pretty good it makes me realize just what a hard week I had.  I could finally go get a manicure…..  Not go hiking, not drive to OC to have lunch with a friend, not pack my work boxes for next week…get a manicure.

I saved my energy and one of my two daily alleve’s for the evening, so I could meet some friends for dinner here in town.  It worked.  I was able to enjoy a perfect dinner and had a great time, but after I was spent.

Saturday- Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck.  The slightest touch made me want to cry out in pain.    The sheet on me feeling like a torture implement.  Migraine still there, day three I think it is.  My flesh feeling black and blue.  It’s a work day. Weekly art show in San Diego.  Lucky for me my business partner knows I have bad mornings and takes care of everything until I can function.  At the show he sat me down in a chair to organize jewelry, I think just so I could feel like I was helping.  As my limbs warm up and the pain in them subsides a bit I realize on top of it all I am having excruciating pain in my torso, and trouble breathing.  Classic signs of ribs dislocated from slipping rib syndrome.  I took it as easy as I could, but was working and also had some stressful drama come up with one of the volunteer organizations I work for.  Straight home from work and into bed Saturday.  My husband went out and brought home some dinner so I didn’t have to cook.

Sunday- 2 am I woke in such horrible pain.  I could hardly move with the dislocated ribs.  I didn’t want to move around the house because I didn’t want to wake anyone.  I spent an hour just laying there, 40 minutes blogging here, but something went wrong and I somehow erased it all.  I spend another 40 on face book.  All under the covers in bed on my phone.  A middle of the night pain pill helped me get back to sleep.  Now its still morning.  My ribs are pretty bad and I probably won’t get a chance to see a chiropractor until Wednesday, it being a holiday weekend.  My arthritis is being kind, and so is my migraine.  I would put them both at a tolerable  yellow.  But my ribs are being trouble makers.  I have no less than four health problems that I have to deal with regularly, it seems impossible, but then I remember that two are symptoms or caused by others.  Its just really hard to find days that I feel great, or even pretty good between them all.  I wan’t to whine that its not fair.

These journals are really good for me I think.  I am really not just learning to communicate but also really checking in with my body.  People have asked how I am doing, I say pretty good.  In a few days all I would remember is that I ‘said’ I was pretty good, so I must have been.  That makes it hard to really communicate with my doctor.


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