Slipping Rib Syndrome and Prolotherapy

I wanted to write a little bit about this condition I deal with because it took me so long to get it diagnosed and when I did there was so little information out there on it.

Slipping Rib Syndrome is where there is significant damage caused to the cartilage and connective tissues of the rib cage.  This weakness makes the ribs very easily get dislocated.  A car going over a speed bump, a bad sneeze, a tight hug can all dislocate a rib.

I spend many nights in the emergency room before getting diagnosed.  Eventually after getting diagnosed with some help from the internet and a pain specialist who was about to give me a pain pump, I started prolotherapy.  Prolotherapy is a treatment for joints that helps rebuild the cartilage with a series of injections, causing inflammation.  That inflammation reminds the body where it needs help.  It helps a lot.    I am not cured but most my dislocations are smaller.  I can go to the chiropractor still 3 times a week and have several ribs slightly dislocated every time.  I have learned to live just fine with that discomfort.  Still once or twice a month I get ribs that dislocate to such a degree its hard to breath and function and even think.  Right now someone could physically feel one of my ribs dislocated through my tissue and chub.

I am miserable today, but most days I am just fine. I can’t imagine being back where I was before the prolotherapy and seeing Chiropractors in a regular basis.  Prolotherapy isn’t cheap (we had to refinance the house AND use credit cards) and neither is regular Chiropractics, but this is just something that needs professionals.  No amount of bath soaking or healthy eating can fix this.


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