Daily Health Journal- Day 11

Yesterday was hard one me emotionally because my arthritis wasn’t bothering me much, until evening and I still felt poorly most the day.  Badly dialocated ribs and a migraine reminded me that even if the arthritis Remicade meds work perfectly I can still have a ton of pain.

I was able to have a perfect family night out with close friends, but sometime I ate turned my migraine from yellow to red directly after dinner. That also reminded me that if some migraines are caused by the arthritis, I will probably still have to live with occasional ones, since I know I have food triggers, as well as hormonal migraines and an estrogen imbalance.

Still living with less pain will still be a wonderful thing.  I am just eager to have one completely pain free day, and soon.  A year ago I had several a week, and I know I can get back there.  If I can get the arthritis to where it is manageable again then I can focus on getting treatment for the migraines and acid reflux.  The slipping rib syndrome is probably just something I will always have to deal with, but at least I know the answer there and know the pain is temporary.

I have felt housebound for the most of two weeks now and I am not one to usually stay indoors.  I was hoping for a nice hike through the woods today after seeing grandma, but I think instead I will take a book and picnic blanket and relax under the pines while my friend does some bouldering.  It will do me good to get out in nature.


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