Daily Health Journal-Day 14

I think I must be going on five days for this migraine, but it could be more.  It hasn’t hit me as hard as they often can though so its tolerable.  The pain from the arthritis is tolerable as well.  My legs are a bit achy, and don’t quite feel like they can hold my weight, but I can get around fine.

What is really getting to me today is my ribs.  My slipping rib syndrome has gotten the best of me.  I got a mammogram last week and I could actually feel some dislocate during the exam.  They weren’t too bad a couple of hours later and we were tight on money so I figured they would be fine until the next time I happened to make it into a chiropractor.  Then I woke up Saturday hardly able to breath.  Every movement caused shooting pains through my torso, and when I was perfectly still I could feel deep deep aches.  I can feel with my hands several ribs out.

I have an appointment at 11:30 with one of my chiropractors.  I go to two, one on each end of town.  Both are great and I feel secure and safe with either.  Dr. Cody Massek works out of Temecula and I love that he can get me in and out in a few moments and I am able to go straight to work after seeing him.  I can usually just call on my way in and they can get me in.  Dr. Cody also recommended the Prolotherapist I went to years ago that helped me so much.  Everyone in his office is so fit and there is so much there about diet that I actually feel a little embarrassed to be there.  I tried his diet system for a few months but was mentally miserable and just couldn’t stick with it.  Dr. Ito puts me on a heated roller table which sometimes really hurts and I have to focus on laying there for what seems like hours, but is probably more like 30 minutes.  I am in his office about an hour.  His adjustments feel so gentle but I leave there able to breathe and with a sense of well being.  I know both these Dr.s would probably I rather not take any medications, but they are understanding and supportive of the decisions I have made with my specialist.

Yesterday was day 2 of my Remicade Infusions.  The infusions aren’t so bad, and would be better if I wasn’t so queazy about blood and body goo.  I do have to take antihistamines both during and after the infusion.  The same body odor that struck me after my first infusion and lasted a week has returned less than 24 hours after the second.  I asked the nurse about it and she says she has never heard anyone complain about it before.


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  1. TJ

    Hello I have been on remicade for about 2 years and I have noticed last year my body odor is stronger than normal and certain parts of my body feels sticky when I sweat

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