Migraines and Arthritis

I was trying to find a specific side effect for Remicade and came up with dozens of posts about people taking Remicade, Humera and other TNF-a inhibitors getting migraines.  I have always had migraines my entire adult life.  They peeked at about 3o where I had bed ridden month long migraines.  I tried hormone treatment which helped but was expensive, dozens of medications, exercise, sun therapy, vitamins, diets and cleansing.  Most things didn’t help much at all, but some meds worked a bit.

I went to my specialist, Dr. Le, and asked if my migraines could be related to the arthritis, since they started when my psoriasis started at puberty and also since they peeked when my body aches started.  He seemed to think they could be absolutely related.  He said anything that can be caused by inflammation could likely be the psoriatic arthritis.  Including my heart pain, aching muscles and joints, and migraines.

I also found there was a migraine relationship with other arthritis disease as well.  Some pages suggested it could be degenerative neck and spine arthritis.  Others inflammation and some seem at a loss to what the relationship is, only that there is one.

I would love to hear from others about their autoimmune illnesses accompanied by migraines and if they have found any solutions that work long term.


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