Daily Health Journal- Day 15

Yesterday I woke miserable.  Bad migraine, ribs dislocated.  But I was able to get some grocery shopping done before my appointment.  Paid a visit to Chiropractor Ito and he worked on getting my ribs back in and also did several adjustments for my migraine.  My migraine actually got worse about an hour after but by evening it had dissipated.

I spent a good two hours last night with very little pain, and was able to run a quick errand and make dinner while feeling “blue” on my pain scale.  By 8 pm I had plenty of muscle fatigue and typical aches and pains but wasn’t feeling too bad.

I woke this morning feeling like there was a fire within me.  And I don’t mean in a figurative way.  It felt like my insides were on fire.  I turned on the air and can’t seem to cool off.  Maybe its the Remicade?  Maybe its the body cleanse I started taking last night?  Maybe I hit menopause over night?

My migraine seems to be on the way out, Yay!!!  The pain is slight and fades to nothing, only to come shooting back for short periods, and then fades again.  Its amazing how much color and how wide my field of vision is without a migraine.  When I don’t have a migraine I think I must see the world like a vampire.  Or like a human….Its so nice to feel human again.

Other than that, I have my basic “greenish” aches and pains, with a bit more “yellow” around the ribcage, which I expect to be angry after days of dislocated ribs and all the manipulations yesterday.

The nurse Tuesday warned me of days like this…I am not to go try to save the world, not yet at least.  So today I will run one errand, take care of PTA paperwork, and work on some frames for some odd size works of art, AND take it easy.



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2 responses to “Daily Health Journal- Day 15

  1. Keep your head up , and you will get through the pain;)

  2. One day you’ll take the world by storm….just rest, for that day will be draining. 😉

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