Daily Health Journal-Day 16

Migraines are my annoyance of the week.  I think I need to do a full whole posts about migraines.

I did go hours yesterday morning in the blue/green hue of the pain chart.  My exhaustion was at about a 4 and that got worse throughout the day but I was able to have a productive morning.  I got one picture frame worth of wood cut out as well as the miter box and saw assembled, and that….was it.  By 11 I wanted to go back to bed, I think I did go back to bed about 1 and my migraine returned about an hour later.  By nightfall the chest pain I get that mimics heart attack came, fading again in about 20 minutes, with couple of other episodes of it happening through the night.

I woke again with a migraine and thought right away I should just go to my GP and see if they have anything new I can try.  However if I do that now I will never know if Remicade will help with the migraines, so I need to hold out at least another month.


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