Migraines and Remicade

My doctor feels my migraines may be caused by my arthritis, which makes as much sense as anything else to me.  Actually it makes a lot of sense to me.  So my hope is that the Remicade infusions I am taking for my Psoriatic Arthritis also will get rid of these annoying migraines.  Other than that string of logic, if it works for arthritis and arthritis causes the migraines the migraines should go, I have no evidence that it will actually help.

Everything I have read online about Remicade in Migraines is people who get migraines from Remicade, many of who stopped taking Remicade for it.  I personally have had migraines more days than not since taking Remicade.  But I know I can’t blame Remicade, not yet at least.  Migraines and I have a long sorted history together.  Since at least puberty, maybe earlier, I have lived with migraines.  Sometimes occasional, and for me that means only once a month.  But sometimes, without known cause I will have month long migraines, sometimes several months in a row with only two or three migraine free days between them.  Most recent years they are from about 1-3 one to three day migraines a week.

I thought this morning when I woke up with one that I should go see my md and see if there were any new or stronger or different things I can try for my migraines.  But then I realized if I do that I will never know if the Remicade works for them.  I don’t want to give up too soon.  I will give it until I get done with my first 5 infusions, which is when I should know if the Remicade is working well for me for the arthritis.  I know the Remicade won’t fix everything but my hope is it will get rid of the achy pain from the arthritis, the muscle fatigue, the migraines, and most of all the heart attack feeling pain.  If it gets rid of it all its a great success.


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One response to “Migraines and Remicade

  1. nouveauyuppiebeauty

    This sounds horrible. I used to be tired and get little headaches, sometimes sharp pains in my temples, and I went gluten-free and things got so much better. I don’t have Celiac, but usually with psA and pso, you have other immune-related conditions, like being sensitive to food or have bad allergies (I am seriously allergic to Nature). Anyway, I hope things get better for you and you find some relief fast.

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