Daily Health Journal- Day 17

This is the day I have been waiting for.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad, migraine, and ribs out.  I wound up going to my Chiropractor in Murrieta for the second time this week, at 8 pm on a Friday night and he put three ribs back into place and worked more on my migraine.

Today I have been busy doing little jobs most the day and my energy level has gone from about a 5 in the morning to a 5 now.  I am taking little breaks all day long but getting a lot done.

My pain level has been great, mostly blue without migraine, interrupted with little green and sometimes barely yellow of waves of migraine.  Whatever my chiropractor did seems to have broken my nearly two week migraine curse.

I have been building frames, and doing some rather mundane but important art maintenance.  Starting to check little things off my to do list that have been pushed aside for weeks due to lack of energy or health.  I feel good.  In a very calm thankful way.  I hope this lasts for my very busy next two weeks.  Its too early to assume that this is the Remicade working, but it sure adds hope.


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