Daily Health Journal- Day 18

Today I woke up red, horrible migraine, slightest morning sun creeping into the room made me feel like a vampire, my cat purring, the sound of my own hair rustling too near my ear, the screech  of the air conditional were all too much for me.  I couldn’t hold down excedrine migraine my old stand by and nearly daily medication because vomiting accompanied todays pain.  I had a maxalt which dissolves under the tongue.  I could feel it working as little shoots of pain traveled through my veins throughout my body.  My friend went out and got me a Starbucks green coffee drink, which for some reason I can hold down better than coffee and that and the Maxalt took the pain down to yellow.

I was able to get some art packing done but by three pm my exhaustion had hit so badly that I am ready for bed.

Last night was great though, I felt green until about 9 pm at night.


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Filed under Chronic Pain, Migraines

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