Daily Health Journal – Day 19

Today was up and down, I would go from blue to yellow, to orange, back down to green.  Luckily my energy level stayed fairly steady and was able to go to two productive meetings today.

I was thinking about my health and it does seem like the arthritis muscle and joint pain is not so bad. Is it too soon to hope the Remicade is working?  My pain seems to be overwhelmingly migraines lately.

I had a visitor to this blog suggest trying potassium iodine for migraines and I am going to give it a shot.  I bought some in liquid for at Henry’s Market and we will see if it helps at all.

Meanwhile the pharmacy called and I can go pick up my Maxalt.  I can’t imagine going to my art show next week without it, or even getting through the rest of this week with the middle school dance, and meeting after meeting.

Thanks to my family for being so encouraging and patient.


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