Dear Denise and other Readers

(A reader reached out to me on face book and sent a thank you to me for writing this blog, I tried to respond but was unable to.)

Thank you. I started writing it for a few reasons, one was that my nurse told me to start keeping a journal, but I am good at starting these things and bad at keeping them up. Doing it publicly held me accountable. But also because I was horrible at communicating with family members and friends about how I felt. And just a little bit because I had trouble finding information on line and I thought I would share the little I had discovered.

What surprised me is how being honest with myself and others is actually helping me live a more fulfilling life. Admitting I have limitations allows me to work around them and with more success than just a few months ago. But what is really amazing is that I have realized how common it is. That so many of us have something we struggle with, and to avoid becoming victims of it and have our lives focus on it, we ignore it. What I have found in writing about it is that a web of support is being built, both going out through me and coming in to me.

(I think it would be awesome to add personal stories to your crafting blog. I would love to follow it as well, so please send me a link.)



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2 responses to “Dear Denise and other Readers

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you are able to browse through it sometime and try out some of the recipes and let me know what you think. I have done a lot of research lately on iodine deficiency and I’m sure one of the links I have put on one of my articles talked about some arthritis issues being related to either iodine deficiency or magnesium deficiency. I will try to look it up and get back to you. I’m sure it must be very difficult.

  2. demigalore

    Thank you so much. Sorry about my deactivation..something I do periodically when things become overwhelming. I love your blog and your honesty. It is through others who have struggles…whatever they may be…that encourage me to fight and wake up for another day. 🙂

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