Daily Health Journal- Day 21

Yesterday wasn’t so bad.  Migraine remained.  Which means no result from the iodine yet.

Not for one moment yesterday did my regular pain go above a level yellow and if it wasn’t for the migraine I would have stayed green most the day.

I did get several ice pick headaches, and another this morning.  They are called that because its a sudden narrow unbearable shoot of sharp pain going through the head, as if you have been stabbed by an ice pick of course.  For me they tend to happen around my ears and come in clusters.

This morning my arthritis is at a level yellow with pain, and so is the migraine.  I think its time for me to go get a shot of Toradol for it, which may or may not help, but will make me rather worthless for the day.  I won’t be able to today, because of the middle school dance, but maybe I can find someone to take my book fair shift tomorrow.  I can at least ask.



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