Daily Health Journal- Day 22

I am starting to feel my blog is whine whine whine, with very little solution.  I think my whole world may be whine whine whine, until this migraine just goes away, and I don’t mean for a couple of hours, I want days without migraine.

Yesterday I took maxalt and over the counter meds early, I knew I had to get through a loud day at the school.  I went into the school a little later than some of my team mates, but I brought them lunch to thank them for allowing my the flexibility.  My migraine was moderate.  I sat inside the middle school dance away from the brightness of the full sun day.  The loud noises and flashing lights did me no good.  Before the dance was over I was vomiting at pretty close to code red migraine.

After I got home the ice pick headaches started up again.  There isn’t much information about ice pick headaches but they are intense pain that only last a few seconds.  I am used to pain.  This is probably the most intense pain I have known, but it doesn’t last very long.  The problem is I seem to completely check out during those few seconds.  I become nothing but pain.  This would be really bad if it happened while driving, so I will be staying off the roads today, until I know they have gone away.  I am not sure how many I had yesterday, but it must have been around a dozen.  They increased as the night went on.  I have had them in the past, but they are very rare, and I don’t think I have more than three in one day, or 5 within 6 months.  There is some evidence that they are related to migraines and that there is a relationship between them and uncontrolled migraines.  When I think about my migraine being about three weeks long by now that would make sense to me.

The good thing about the ice pick headaches is they only last a few seconds and the bark is worst than the bite, meaning they seem to not be a sign of anything dangerous at all.

Today I am going to go into urgent care and see if I can get an injection to hopefully get rid of this migraine.  I am at the point where I need to consider that the migraines are not part of the arthritis but possibly the Remicade may be making them worse.



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2 responses to “Daily Health Journal- Day 22

  1. Laurie

    “I am at the point where I need to consider that the migraines are not part of the arthritis but possibly the Remicade may be making them worse.” Aren’t migraines a known side effect of this medication? I seem to recall that my Dr told me that migraines and lymphoma were both side effects, the reason I declined treatment with this med. I am hoping that some day someone will discover a miracle to help with psoriasis. Until then, I guess we deal.

    • Absolutely migraines are a side effect of the medication, but when I have at least half a dozen migraines a month when I am feeling great, I don’t avoid a medication because it could possibly cause migraines. My doctor didn’t give lymphomia as a side effect. He did mention that heart attack was a possible side effect but that it is also a “side effect” of psoriatic arthritis, so the medication may just not be preventing the heart attacks from the arthritis. I do know that all of the medication choices for this illness seem to give “death, and certain types of cancer” as a side effect. Its hard to choose between the symptoms/side effects of the illness and that of the medication sometimes. Quality of life is important to me, so is use of my body, so is longevity. I also have to weigh the likelihood of the side effects and symptoms. For instance its very likely that my immune system will be compromised by the medications, its likely I will easily become sick and have a harder time fighting the illnesses. I can take certain precautions to avoid infections, such as avoiding ill people, hospitals and unsanitary situations. It is less likely I will have a heart attack, but I can also adjust my eating habits and life style so that my heart is healthier. Somethings I can’t adust for, some I can. It is possible the medication can kill me, but its not likely to. With the agressiveness of this illness, and having already tried alternative treatments, my doctors and I have decided that not taking medications is not an option. That being said, I may, and do, add alternative treatments to my western medicine medication treatments. I have to carefully balance the risks with the benefits, and even then, will never be sure I am making the right decision. I just know I want to live the fullest life possible, for as long as I can.

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