Daily Health Journal- Day 23

Well today my husband took the day off work and covered my PTA shift and ran me the doctor.  My ice pick headaches and migraine were continuing.  They gave me two shots, toradol and redoline (not sure of this name)  which knocked me out for a few hours flat.  I woke up to entertain my grandmother, although poorly.  The medication seems to make me cranky as well as tired, but my migraine is less than have as severe as it was.  I think I would rather have more pain and be happier.  I wonder if this is how cranky miserable people feel all the time.

I also got a prescription for excedrine with codeine to take if the migraine continues or returns.

Hopefully I wake tomorrow pain free and refreshed.

The iodine seems to have no reaction but will continue it a while anyways.

One of the side effects of the Remicade is definitely migraine but we figured I get them anyways so it can’t hurt.


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