Daily Health Journal- Sept 26

Well its been almost a month since my first Remicade, but somehow it feels so much longer.  Its a strange thing to focus on my health when I have always tried in the past to ignore it.  Yesterday my pain level was low.  Green all day mostly just with aches.  My exhaustion level was high though.  I drove my husband to half a dozen car repair places yesterday, and the small trips felt like I had been driving all night.  My fatigue was so strong I actually fell asleep at an intersection on one of my 10 minutes drives.  I was home by four and in bed.  At 6 I got up and half made dinner with some help and was back in bed by 7:30.  My body literally wouldn’t move from exhaustion.  I have most today to rest up before helping out my grandmother on Thursday and Friday.  I will be spending my mornings helping her have an estate sale and need to be strong and as healthny as possible.  I should be able to make it home by the time my son gets home from school and run him to his lessons then go to bed to save up for the next day. I work on Saturday, and Friday night some friends and I are taking dinner to a friends home who is unable to get out because of illness.  I feel I am neglecting friends who could use some company and support.  I have to remember that even though I am having a hard time there are others who are having a harder time and they need some attention as well.  This weekend I am helping grandma and my dad, maybe next week I can find the time and engry to go see my dear friend Jena.  She is such a fighter herself, dealing with chemotherapy and radiation the last year and still being an incredible mom.  We have gotten each other through some rough days and I am eager to spend some time with her soon.  Friendship is important soul food and I shouldn’t neglect it in my quest for health.


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