Exercise program with Illness

peI hate to exercise.  I don’t see the point in running if nothing is chasing me.  I have never liked to run.  I love to dance but there is very little chance for dance out here in what still feels the middle of nowhere.  I have always disliked exercise for exercise sake.  Make it fun like fencing, dance or yoga sure, I will do that.  I love all sorts of that sort of “sport”.  Exercising now is harder because it hurts.  It just hurts.  And not that good kind of muscle burn that you feel working out that lets you know you are getting healthier and stronger, but a bad hurt.  The kind of hurt that says if you will probably be in bed the next couple of days.  Then there are classes.  Yoga classes and dance aerobic classes that are just disastrous for people with limited energy.  10 minutes into the class you know you need to quit, but you are too embarrassed to leave, so you wind up leaving anyways after 30 minutes and spending the next two days in bed.  Then there are silver sneaker programs for elderly.  You can watch elderly people run circles around you, hollering things like “keep up young lady” and “is that all you can lift, grab some real weights”.  Hopefully you can sneak out before anyone starts talking about their bowels.

I think I have found a solution that might work for me.  While flipping channels in a bit of a vegetative mood I came across an older woman with a ballerina’s body.  She was doing stretches simalar to what I used to do for warm up in my ballet classes.  She mixed it with some yoga and other dance like movements.  Next thing I new I was standing up, doing two or three movements of each exercise.  I hit “record series” on my TV.

After such a good weekend I decided to start her exercise videos in the morning when I am feeling my best.  Yesterday I probably did 6 minutes.  Today it was more like 4.  When it start to really hurt and my muscled refused to work I gave up.  But only for today.  I will find the name of this stretch program and post it.  Its on PBS in the early morning.  I will also mention my progress with it on my daily health journal.

I would love to hear other ways people with arthritis or other chronic pain illnesses stay fit.



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2 responses to “Exercise program with Illness

  1. I get up and stretch to music in the morning, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Nothing like a little Britney Spears to get me going! Good luck! Getting exercise really will help, even if it’s little by little.

    • I did great my first two days, but dislocated ribs have kept me from even trying the last two days. Maybe I could use a little Britney Spears myself after my ribs get put back into place. Loving your feedback. Thank you.

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