Daily Health Journal- 9/27/12

Yesterday I said that I had been on Remicade a month, but I am notoriously horrible with math and its been 6 weeks, with my third infusion scheduled for next Tuesday.

Yesterday I struggled still with exhastion but was able to run errands and finish a painting.  After dinner, where I over ate a bit, the ribs that had slipped over the weekend started really giving me problems.  Its hard to breath, but slipping rib syndrome is something that is unlikely to ever improve and I can’t afford to go to the chiropractor ever time a rib or two gets dislocated.  If I had unlimited funds I would go to the chiropractor a few times week, but instead try to limit it to once or twice a month, which tends to be enough to keep me out of the emergency room.  Two alleve tempered the pain enough so I could sleep, and two more this morning so I can get through the day.  I am helping my grandmother get ready for a big estate sale, so I will just need to communicate that I can not lift things.

Exercise on hold until my ribs are a bit better.

Another day without a migraine, sounds like a great day to me!  Also arthritis pain a minimum!


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