Is this what normal feels like? Daily Journal 10/3

I woke this morning pain free blue.  But it was more than that, my energy level is good, no fatigue.  I didn’t feel like a sick person having a good day, I felt healthy.  I feel healthy.  I got through 10 minutes of Miranda Esmonde-Whites Classic Stretch, which is the most I have done so far.  The Warm Springs PTA is hosting a parent walk at the school that I hope to go to.  I feel like going now but worried the exercising plus the walking will wear my out and I don’t want to risk this moment of health.

I was uncomfortable during the Remicade Infusion yesterday.   I was achy and there was a deep pain shooting through my whole arm the whole time, it felt like a deep cool ache, but after about 30 minutes they added the allergy meds and I fell asleep pretty much immediately.  I slept during the infusion and for an hour or two after.  My husband who had to drive me, stopped on the way home and got my a chocolate covered strawberry.  It wasn’t the best I have had but it sure brightened my mood and made me feel a bit better.  I was able to get out of bed and help make dinner last night, and we had a family dinner around the table.  I didn’t experience the estreme fatigue later into the night, nor do I feel it this morning.  I do have my own lovely Remicade stink. My doctor confirmed it could be a side effect, which it has to be, it has never happened before remicade and it always starts the same night as the infusions.  So its back to several showers a day.  Even if I have a couple great days like this it will be worth being a bit unpleasant.  Oh, and NO migraine.



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3 responses to “Is this what normal feels like? Daily Journal 10/3

  1. Wonderful to hear! Enjoy your pleasant day.

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