Gallbadder problems

This blog has become more of a general health or shall I say illness blog. I suppose it’s a necessity  as the main reasons for my blog are to increase my own self awareness and management and to communicate with others.   By blogging I have realizes that psoriatic arthritis is just a portion of my health struggles.

I haven’t done my health journals in a few days as I am in the hospital. Sunday evening I started feeling pain at an event I was attending and brushed it off as the arthritis as I am in pain so often. It progressed through the night severe pain in my torso and eventually  I went to the ER worried it could be my heart.

Instead I learned it was an infected gallblatter full of gallstones. They removed the gall blatter last night. It was stressful knowing that I had just had remicade the night before and surgury is discouraged within 6 weeks of Remicade due to risk of infection. I had no choice as my Gallbladder was already infected.

I will blog more on surgery and remicade later. Typing this with my phone. Right now I seem to be doing just fine. I am pretty sore and have a migraine but this hospital is probably the  best I have stayed at.



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2 responses to “Gallbadder problems

  1. Hi Katinka, I wish you all the best. I hope you can go home soon. You’re in our thoughts.

  2. Prayers are for a quick recovery without complications. Thank you for sharing. Get Well! 😉

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