Daily Health Journal- 10/16

Feeling a little better from the gallbladder surgery every day.  My son is home with a cold today so I am back in my room avoiding germs.

The few migraines I have gotten in the last week or so have pretty much gone away with just over the counter migraine medicine, a mix of aspirin, ib, and caffeine, equivalent to excedrin migraine I think.

On days that I am getting around at all I am extra tired and achy in the afternoon but for the most part my arthritis seems to be much better.  I had some chest pain/jaw pain, which is part of the psoriatic arthritis last night.  It came in waves but the pain level never went red on it. We have Been enjoying wonderful meals that the PTA ladies have brought over nightly.

Slept rough last night; the few hours I slept being full of violent nightmares.  Woke in a full blown anxiety attack but doing fine now.  Its interesting that  both times I awoke my senses seemed over stimulated and senstive.  I could hear the freeway at 2 am, and its miles away, the ceiling fan had five different sounds it was making, the air on my skin almost burnned.  I will have to pay attention to anxiety attacks and see if this is the norm.



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