Daily Health Journal- 10/17

I continue to recover from the surgery but today I was more achy and tired than usually am.  I think I am not getting enough sleep but I have been stressed and also waking in pain so that isn’t helping.   We have had a little life change here at my house, I took in a sweet girl that I met at the hospital, and she is struggling with her own health issues.  I am now worrying about her health as well as mine, but we are only on this earth a short while and I feel we must do as much good as we can for as long as we are able.

I woke today feeling like every muscle in my body hurt, and my body hurt with the slightest touch, even laying or sitting down the pressure of what ever I was against was painful, it seems to be all just psoriatic arthritis.  I have had low energy all day.  Still only the smallest trace of a migraine.  I was able to work a little bit on planning for a class when I get back to work, but I am afraid I wasted half the day staring at facebook screen and watching bits of the debate.

My son and now husband are both sick so I need to steer clear of both of them.  I will cuddle up in a giant bean bag and sleep with the cat to avoid husband germs.  That doesn’t sound so bad.  The cat snores very quietly.

Tomorrow I go and get the stamples out…I will be so glad for that.


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One response to “Daily Health Journal- 10/17

  1. My boyfriend has chronic pain. He was a combat soldier. I feel for you. You’re right too. We should help each other as much as possible while we are on this earth. I used to sleep on the couch when my ex-boyfriend snored. It was lonely. Now, I don’t mind if my current boyfriend snores. I love (him more) his sleeping sounds unconditionally, and often smile to myself as I spoon him. I hope thing get better for you. Stay positive. Cheers!

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