Daily Health Journal- Oct. 21

Third day now waking up with a migraine but one dose of meds seems to clear them right away.  Getting around now after the gallbladder surgery and most the pain from that is gone.  I have been going through a lot of stress on a personal level and I noticed a spike in arthritic pain twice after talking to a stressful person yesterday.  I have never noticed this correlation before and maybe its just a coincidence, but something non-the-less to pay attention to.  It was also a raining day and I am certain that contributes to my pain.

Raining today but feeling just fine this morning, which is good, I have work to do before I go visit my grandmother.


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One response to “Daily Health Journal- Oct. 21

  1. I know this disease is still a complete mystery to everyone-Doctors,scientists, nutritionists and patients alike… but I do wonder myself how closely it must be linked to stress and weather… people often say only diet affects autoimmune diseases…but I think there are so many other factors … and I wish discovering these ‘factors’ or ‘triggers’ would be more seriously studied. Docs, scientists and nurtitionists seem only to study medicines and treatments for autoimmune diseases. I may move to the desert to test out the ‘weather theory’ (At the moment I live in rainy ol’ England)… I’ll let you know! Hope you feel better!

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