Daily Health Journal- Nov. 3rd

The last couple of days my body has hurt from the time I wake until the time I have gone to bed.  If I were less determined I would have stayed in bed all day, as it was I moved slowly, and didn’t get a whole lot accomplished, but I got enough little things done that I feel like I am living.  Sometimes one 20 minute run to the grocery store, or making a 20 minute dinner can be enough to make me feel worthwhile.

This morning I woke feeling achy but good.  My joints ached, my right arm especially.  My muscles hurt but moderately, not like I had been hit by a truck.  I woke feeling yellow and after days and days of orange, yellow feels good.  I started the day with 5 minutes of Stretching with Esmond, which is more exercise than I have had in over a month.  Today I go to the studio to start cleaning up the wreck it is now.  I really don’t think I will be much help, but I want to be there.  I need to not be to ambitious feeling so good.  Sledge hammering walls today won’t make me feel very good tomorrow.


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