Daily Health Journal Day 26

I have been to busy to blog lately, which is amazing.  I haven’t been able to work this hard for years.  I feel like I am working most days from sun up to sun down, and falling asleep worn but exhuasted.  I am opening an artist owned art gallery and my partner and I are doing the bulk of the work alone with help from good friends.  

I expected to be a casual bystander with the work, because 15 minute of labor might put me in bed for the day, but instead I have been able to paint and patch and scrub all day long.  Of course I hurt all day and take a dozen breaks but its amazing to me that I am able to do it at all.

I can say for certain that I believe the Remicade is working for me.  Its not making me pain free by any means but the pain level has gone down enough that I can get through the day with moderate aches and pains, limping, massages and pain rubs and over the counter pain relief. 

It feels so good to fall asleep at 8 pm, but to know I earned that sleep by working hard, and that despite the pain I was able to do it.  This is not something I could have managed a few months ago.  Not for two days in a row at least.

Its also been a week since I had a migraine, which is unheard of for me.



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