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First 2013 remicade infusion

Well the hassle of spending a day every six weeks getting aN infusion seems to be paying off. I am working close to a 40 hour work week and sometimes more if I count my paying job and the art gallery. Do I still hurt almost constantly? Yes. But the pain is much more typical arthritic and less squeezing of my heart so much more tolerable. Also without the mean reds my energy level hasincreased significantly. 

I get two premeds at the start of the infusion to ward off the allergic reactions I am so sensitive too.  These premeds tend to make me sleep hour most the day.  I wish that was the only reason I was up at 1 am writing this but tonight it seems the premeds wore off before the Allergic reaction and I have the mean itches. Anyone allergic to opiates know what I mean. Not only does my whole body itch but the most sensitive places including areas you don’t think about like inner ears and eyeballs and other unitchable places. 

I am tempted to go find a 24 hour pharmacy to find some benedryl but I hate to wake the household getting dressed and honestly my body hurts too much to go out in the midnight cold. Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you are dreaming pleasantly while I write this. 


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