Rough weekend but so much fun

Yesterday I woke with a migraine,and a arthritis flare up with lots of trouble walking.  I went to a small antique market with Randal and Tim before work, then a limp around the farmers market.  We then spent the day cleaning, and hanging and prepping for the reception and I tried to sit down when possible, but it wasn’t always possible, since things had to get done.  I took a Maxalt, an Aleve, and then later another, and a couple of excedrine migraine, and by afternoon I was perfectly functional and fine.  The reception was directly after work and I had good energy all evening, and was able to stay on my feet most the time.  By 8 pm I was pretty sore and back to limping, and just wanted to crawl into bed.  I didn’t even want to walk out to the car.  On the way home we hit traffic from an over turned semi and were delayed at least an hour.  The guys were warm, so the windows and sun roof were open and I was absolutely freezing in the back seat.  Cold is one thing but when I am in pain, cold just registers as pain, and by the time I got home I couldn’t walk on my own.  I fell asleep to a massage and woke several times in the night with cramps and spasms of pain.  Today I am walking with a cane for the first time in years.  I took an Aleve and I am sure I will be sticking the cane in some corner in an hour or two and not need it for a few more years.  That’s the plan!  I have a workshop to teach in three hours…so I hope my body listens to said plan!


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