Health Update 4/26

After a pretty rough flare up a couple of weeks ago, I have had relative good health.  Very few migraines, and having a decent amount of energy through out the day.  There have been several days I have been unable to walk unassisted in the evenings but those days have been busy days, and the inability to walk seems a lot worse if I am required to sit on benches or uncomfortable seating for some period of time.  Even if I attend a movie I tend to limp and creep afterwards, so hard benches after a long day make me nearly immobile.  These last couple of weeks, which I consider good, start off with achiness where my whole body feels as if I have been in a car accident and every movement hurts, but after about two hours the pain is faded and I am able to get around just fine, and I can easily forget about the pain.  I can then run around doing errands and chores just like anyone else, but I take care to moderate myself so I don’t get worn out.  Lately I have been able to make dinner in the evening, usually with some help, but that is huge for me.  It feels so much better than climbing into bed at 4 pm and needing someone else to bring me dinner.  Going dancing in the evening is still beyond my reach and I try not to plan anything I wouldn’t want to back out of in the evenings, but still life has been great.  Thank you life.


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  1. demigalore

    This post made me smile so much. My favorite part is you enjoying you could make dinner instead of having it handed to you as so many people wish they could have so they wouldn’t have to work. But forget how joyous it is to be able to work and accomplish things in daily life. It’s my turn to say thank you to life. 🙂

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