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Tuesday I stayed in bed until late afternoon with a migraine.  Took Maxalt, Excedrine Migraine, and topped it off with an almost illegal amount of caffeine.  Since then I have been drinking a mild but constant amount of caffeine to keep it at bay.  It started to hit hard about bedtime last night, and by almost 3 am I was wandering the house for a quiet place to sleep, and wound up with the pain keeping me awake anyways.  I try not to take meds or caffeine at night because they both tend to keep me awake, but after an hour I took a Maxalt anyways.

I have read that many women stop getting their migraines during or after menopause.  That will give me a hopeful reason to not mind the early signs of it I have been experiencing the last few months.  I would rather be awaken by night sweats than stabbing pain any day.  My great aunt though, who is 90 I believe, still suffers almost daily migraines to this day.  I am sure she wishes menopause had taken care of her migraines.

Still it seems I have less these days.  There is a chance the migraines are made worse by the arthritis, and in that case the Remicade could be helping.

Some non-medical things I have found to help migraines if they aren’t full blown red yet…eating, coffee, distractions such as some boring tv show on low, (I think the low sound helps keep other sounds like my own breathing, or the dog walking down the hall from making me want to hurt someone), and forgive me for saying so grandma, but it might help someone else, orgasms.  (thanks cousins for sharing that family secret with me)  IF they are fullblown, completely silence and darkness are about all I can survive. My house being almost always bustling, I find many of those things rare if not impossible, as alone time is at a premium, and quiet is not something that happens, but I almost always have someone who will bring me a cup of coffee in bed and who will turn off sesame street for me when I fall asleep to it.


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I will continue on Remicade

After meeting with my doctor last week I learned that there is one other injection that I can take but it isn’t as strong or have the success rate that Remicade has.  However the doctor mentioned that some medications work better than others for certain people and you don’t know for certain until you try it.  I mentioned I don’t like the idea of taking steroids on a regular basis.  He increased the anti histamine drugs in my premed and suggested I take a otc allergy med daily for a week and then as needed.  I went home and to bed and slept for about 24 hours I think.  I didn’t wind up taking the daily allergy med as this time it didn’t get any worse than a mild itch.  He did say the itching that occurred even a month later was due to the medication in my system still. The itch seems to act up when I just wear myself out and I hadn’t been sleeping well at the time.

My migraines haven’t seemed as often or severe, but of course I happen to have one today.  I guess I am lucky, I don’t have to work today.

I am glad I don’t have to give up the Remicade at this point.  It really seems to be helping me live a full functional life with only a moderate amount of pain for most the day.

Other health news is my primary doctor has put me back on daily Prilosec saying that the depletion of calcium is much less dangerous than esophageal cancer, which is a danger with long term chronic acid reflux.

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