Migraines, blood pressure, and bird songs

This morning I woke up with a rib dislocated again, no big deal really.  It was pinching a few nerves and really just a reminder of how lucky I have been that they haven’t been going out much in a couple of months.  My goal was to go to the gallery, maybe socialize a bit while there, get some painting done, and some cleaning. 

I had gotten several high blood pressure readings, which is new for me, so I was put on a lower salt diet, which is easy to do when you eat a TON of salt.  I basically cut out fast food and salty snacks, and tried to use salt free butter and season with salt moderately.  I was also told to try to walk twice a week, which I think I did for two weeks and then had an arthritis flare up hit.  Great news is my doctor said I now have the blood pressure of a 20 year old and she is pretty sure it was just elevated due to stress or maybe as a side effect of medication.  (it was noted as elevated during infusions).

Other good news is she is trying me out on oral imiterex, since I am allergic to the injection one, and also adding prescription strength Motrin, to see if that can help me manage my migraines a bit more.  She also told me I can take as many as three Maxalts a day, which I didn’t realize.

My arthritis seems to be doing quite well right now.  I haven’t had to take Aleve in a week or so, and I am limping a lot less.  I think the warm dry weather really is good for me.  I suppose I wouldn’t mind at all living the rest of my life in Southern California or Arizona.  I think I would be happier homeless in California than in a palace in Kansas or Alaska.

I tend to blog mostly when I am feeling good enough to get around, but still have something to complain about.  This is just a post to say I am loving life.  Its such a treasure to have a moderate amount of health.  Peace and happiness to you all, remember when nothing else seems like its worth it, to go outside and listen to the birds singing, I have heard the songs of birds can save your life.


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