Mean Reds

A few days ago I said I had to blog about how good I was feeling.  The problem is, when I am feeling really good I am too busy to blog.  I am working, planning parties and events and hosting them, going out with friends, taking morning walks, going to meetings.  That is how the majority of my last few weeks have been.  A few migraines thrown in, a night of over doing it so I could hardly walk, but mostly its been great. 

Its only when my pain gets really bad that I actually take the time to blog.  I woke at 3ish am with a mean red migraine that bordered on violet.  After two excedrine and a few hours its now just red.  I recently took an imetrix and can feel the poison of it coursing through my body.  I absolutely hate imitrex but will take it when I have to teach on a mean red day.  Got to be 100% for the babies.  I can’t take the imitrex shots at all but even the pill hurts.  I can literally feel in as pain going through my veins, in every finger and limb, across my cheeks.  I suppose I should welcome that pain as it means the meds are probably going to work, but I don’t.  I dread it.  I don’t know if this is a common reaction to Imitrex of if just my sensitivity to absolutely everything makes me feel the pain that more intensely.

I am going to try to focus on how well I will be feeling for my class this afternoon, and think about how tomorrow I am going to wake up feeling perfect and ready for a walk with my new friend in Fallbrook.


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