It turns out I have had steroids added to my IV for a few months now and I didn’t realize it until my last infusion. The thing I really hate about steroids is the weight gain and the puffiness. I haven’t gained much weight but at least now I know why I am not losing it either.
The steroids are helping to counteract the allergic reactions I have to Remicade, so I guess I am glad I have them. The remicade is definitely working so I am willing to take whatever else. I still get chest pain a bit too much for my comfort, but my legs are working well most days, and I am dancing for longer periods of time and with less pain.



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2 responses to “Steroids

  1. Chris C.

    Wow, I found your blog while searching for a link between Remicade and migraines. Reading through many of your entries, I am amazed at how they could have been written by me. I am 48 years old and have been battling Psoriatic Arthritis since 2009. PsA has changed my life in sooooo many ways. It is a sad comfort to know that someone else is going through the same battle that I am with this disease. I wish you the best!

    • Chris, I have had migraines from about 12 years old. Probably about the same time I got psoriasis. My doctor feels that the arthritis and migraines are related. I did go from having a few migraines a year to having a few a week when the arthritis symptoms started. I am glad you found me. It’s a rare arthritis but you are far from alone. You are exactly why I blog about it.

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