Rough day

Woke with a migraine but gone on it quickly and within two hours was able to manage a drive to the San Diego Airport. The rough part was the excruciating pain in my teeth and jaw. I took an alleve on top of the excedrine I had already taken. Half way to the airport I took another. If feels like someone has taken a railroad nail and nailed it into my jaw. The pain is spreading all the way to the back of my head. I am glad I get to be a passenger on the way home. If I felt any better I might be able to feel sorry for myself but the pain isn’t letting me focus on anything but pain.



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6 responses to “Rough day

  1. Donna Sturdevant Edgar

    I’m starting to understand people with chronic migraines or headaches. I’ve had a headache almost every day for the last 7 weeks and the week of Christmas, it was constant, woke up with one that never went away. Tried Aleve and Advil (Excederin has aspirin and gives me stomach problems, though my husband only uses Excederin for his migraines), but nothing was helping. Was very nauseated with it that last week too, though only had one night of vomiting, which didn’t make me feel better like it usually does. I actually insisted on driving everywhere we had to go as if I didn’t, I got a lot more sick to my stomach than when I was driving. A week ago I went to urgent care and got a script, however, if I don’t take it regularly, the headaches come back. Might have to go again. You are a very strong person to be able to handle all these headaches. I’m going nuts with them and can hardly get anything done at work or at home. I hope yours goes away and leaves you alone soon.

  2. Hoping your rough day will subside and give way to a far better one.

  3. Ow. Hey did Haley tell you about the migraine meds she’s started? They are called Maxalt or something like that I think. She takes them when she feels the symptoms of one coming on and they seem to work fairly well to halt them.

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