Invisible Pain

There is a lot out there on how hard it is to not just be in pain but to have invisible pain.  Its worried that since our pain isn’t obvious we might not get the sympathy we deserve, that someone might expect too much from us, that we are just not understood.  

I don’t see the world that way.  I am glad that I can smile at a stranger who says “how are you” and say Good, and they not have any reason to question me.  I am glad that in spite of every thing else I can often look at least presentable.  I am glad at the ability to fake it. I don’t want people’s first thought of me to be “She’s sick”, because I don’t want illness to define me.  I want to be able to choose who has the details of my personal health and not have it written all over my face.  I want my friends and family to see my joy, my love and my passion before they remember I am ill.  There will be obvious things I won’t be able to hide sometimes.  I might have to use a cane every now and then, or the pain may be reflected in tired eyes with deep creased forehead, but even then I will try to make my smile bigger so its more noticeable than any signs of unwellness.  

I have an illness, I am not my illness.



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2 responses to “Invisible Pain

  1. Brenda

    What a beautiful soul~
    I learn from folks like yourself..I have Psoriatic Arthritis as well, and have my second Remicade Infusion today. Holding my head high and enjoying every possible part of my day : )

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