No Remicade; Thanks Bronchitis

Remicade really works for me, and I take it every 6 weeks, and at about week 5 I start feeling the need for it.  However I can’t take remicade if I have had any sort of infection.  Remicade works by lowering the immune system, so I need to wait 3 weeks after the passing of any sort of infection before resuming the infusions.  Particularly dangerous is any sort of lung infection, TB and Bronchitis being the most worrisome. 

In winter I often get a chronic hacking cough do to Acid Reflux.  My cough started about 10 days ago when someone was smoking outside a building I was in, with open doors.  At first I assumed it was the smoke irritation, and then the acid reflux but with my infusion pending and my cough getting worse I not only started my acid reflux meds but also got myself into the doctors just as a precaution.  I am glad I did.  I have post-infectious bronchitis.  Luckily I am not contagious since I have been visiting another friend with a weak immune system lately.  So the good news I won’t be one of those people who die from a lung infection they can’t fight because of remicade.  The bad news is I can’t have my infusion and I have to take steroids.

I really hate steroids, I am already rather round and my six week dose of steroids to help me manage the remicade, keeps me nice and plump but nothing swells me up like a dose pack of prednisone.  On the other hand I really, really love breathing, so I will take the steroids.  Maybe the arthritis will get so bad while waiting another month or so for the Remicade that I won’t be able to dance, but I certainly can’t dance with coughing badly either.

Its just a temporary set back.  I can be grateful for that.  And I can be grateful I found out I had the bronchitis before I got the Remicade and wound up hospitalized with it.  And I can be grateful I have accesses to modern medicines like steroids and other icky stuff, because as much as I hate them, my life would not be better without them.


Turns out I probably will only have to wait a week. The doctor will see me next Friday morning and hopefully let me have the infusion same day.


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