Is it all Latex?

I woke this morning still itching from yesterdays Latex allergy reaction. My whole body itches, my eyes, inside my ears, and I have a big welt on my foot that has gotten worse and itches enough that I want to cut my foot off. I went to sleep determined to talk to my doctor, concerned that the Remicade allergy he gives me a big bag of steroids and another of antihistamines for could be me reacting to all the other latex used in the infusion office, or maybe even some tube or connection they use on my IV. This morning I woke thinking about other times I have had this reaction when I didn’t think latex was involved. Every single time it was in the emergency room, before I knew I had a latex problem, and I just assumed it was a reaction to the pain medication. They give me antihistimines which never seem to do anything for the itching but make me tired enough I can sleep anyways. I am not sure if this is a case of the more I know, the more paranoid I will get, or the more I know, the safer I will be. A friend told me we all die in the end, but I am not ready to die any time soon, so I need to be more diligent at keeping the latex at bay.
I have had trouble with reactions in AZ with latex in restaurants but I have only had a California latex food incident once. Since the new law it has happened twice in two weeks. I guess its time to know as much as I can about my own allergy, the way my body reacts and what I can do.


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