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The bad news, bone spurs on my heels are making walking painful.

The good news, I am dancing anyways.

I am really enjoying all the latin dance classes I am taking, and I now have a partner that I can practice with on a regular basis and he seems just as OCD as I am. My doctor thinks dancing is helping to keep me healthy and will avoid surgery on my feet at all costs. I just need to make sure to take lots of breaks if dancing for an extended period of time.

I dance like tomorrow I might not be able to. I live and love like tomorrow I might not be able to. Shouldn’t we all?


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Infusion reaction

I had a new reaction to my infusion yesterday. It caused an unusual and severe panic. I literally wanted to run away. I did sleep for an hour of it, instead of my usual 4 but a sudden case of restless leg syndrome kept waking me up and when I woke I had the same feeling of distress. I wanted to pull out my IV and run. And run. And run. I came home with more energy than usual and even went to the beach in the evening for a tango class at sunset. I was home in bed by about 10 pm but could not fall asleep until after 3. After only a few hours sleep I am away. Very tired but anxious and nervous. My heart is racing and I can feel the blood racing through my veins. My day is too busy for this and I am missing my exhaustion and fatigue and sleep l, sleep sleep I normally have because I would be coming out of it about now after 20 hours or so of sleep.


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