Give me an IV

If you know me you know I avoid as best I can prescription pain killers. It’s bad enough that I have my infusion and the Meds to counteract my reaction to it, I don’t need to put more ick into my body. I also just don’t like the way they feel. I lose ambition, feel loopy and slow and I am completely uninspired to do anything. I do however take more Aleve and Excedrine than anyone ought to.

I am having a bad flare up though. My chest pain has been so bad that it’s keep me from dancing and classes. and last night it kept me awake most the night. I found myself looking forward to my husbands 4 am alarm so I could turn on the tv for distraction. As is often the case secondary illnesses are also flaring up. Migraines, acid reflux, and allergies.

Days like this I long for those pain killers I so judiciously avoid. Or an IV of something that will just knock me out. But I know that they aren’t good for me in the long run and I need to look at the big picture. I am sure I will be dancing again soon enough, but for now forgive my laziness.



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3 responses to “Give me an IV

  1. I don’t know where you live but medical marijuana gave me all of the pain relief of the pain killers with none of the gut problems or medication interactions. If you check out my blog, I wrote a whole post about how it’s helped me more than modern medicine ever has.

  2. Katie

    I know pain meds seem like a bad idea but if done correctly – can turn a life around …. I was in misery and it hurt to even get excited about classes, swimming or other activities. But pain managent has turned it around to give me more joy with my disease and less down days. If needed – try a good pain management doc. šŸ™‚

  3. Jennifer

    I do pain management, and as another poster commented, if done correctly & conscientiously, it will give you relief. My insurance wouldn’t cover Humira or even some rx-strength NSAID’s. It’s helped me not dread the mornings so much :/

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