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Turning a corner

For those following my health closely you probably know on top of being blessed with Psoriatic Arthritis I have also been struggling for the last year with a breathing problem that the doctors have loosely diagnosed as probably some sort of autoimmune toxic induced possibly originally acid reflux caused asthma.   This has lead me to give up dancing and hiking for nearly a year now, and at its climax last october and again this summer, has lead to periods of having to basically live in a bubble, having to avoid contact with strangers and any none controlled environment (such as the grocery store, or anyone who might me wearing deodorant, or any place someone may be smoking in the parking lot of).

After months of testing most of which have been inconclusive, and medications, and living in a bubble, my body has adapted to a somewhat normal stage again.  I still can not handle toxins.  Hooray for you, I am still your canary in this coal mine we call society.   I am now able to go to grocery stores, and out to dinner again.  My doctors think it was just an over exposure to too many toxins at once and that this may occasionally happen to my body and when it does, I will just have to withdraw from society until the danger passes.  I still can not dance, but I feel like I can start to function again.  Still not going to give up on a proper diagnosis, and staying on all the medicine.



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