Vitamin D

I have heard a lot about taking Vitamin D, recently, not just for Psoriatic Arthritis but for all autoimmune.  I have a friend who takes extremely large doses daily.  She actually orders her vitamin D from Canada because she can get a higher dose there.  I have another friend who gets hers from the sunlight.  She gets at least 15 minutes a day, and is doing much better.  I know I ALWAYS feel better when on vacation, and one thing I do a lot of on vacation is I am outside.

When I am feeling bad at home I tend to handle up in my room or studio.  I am going to be adding Vit D to my health plan, probably with a combo of both high dose supplements and trying to get more sunshine.  Has anyone else tried this?  I will let you know how it works.


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  1. MsMr

    I have PsA and I am on a very large dose of Vit D, only available by prescription. I was so tired all the timeand thought it was PsA or my medd (Methotrexate & Enbrel) but I was tested for Vit D and found out mine was extremely low. Normal range is 80-150, mine was <20. Low Vit D contributed to inflammation, tiredness and a load of other nasties and as I was symptomatic I was put on a high dose for 3 months. It's still low (40) but slowly coming up, so I'm on a high dose for another 3 months. I do feel slightly less tired which is amazing, I find the bone numbing tiredness so demoralising so if a simple Vit D pill can alleviate this then I'm overjoyed! I have read many people with PsA have low Vit D, I'd recommend getting tested and seeing if you could benefit from Vit D tablets ☺️ It has made a difference to my life!

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