My name is Katinka and I have been diagnosed with PsA for about four years, after 10 years of searching for the right diagnoses. I developed Psoriasis at about 11 years old at about the same time my hair started turning grey.  I have tried several medications both before and after diagnoses as well as dozens of natural, and holistic approaches. I am trying to reach a healthy balance between the medications I must take, proper health choices, and managing my energy.  Join me on my journey.


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  1. Hi Katinka,

    I don’t have PsA, but I have psoriasis. It’s so brave of you to document your struggle with PsA. I try to keep by blog updated on psoriasis stuff generally or my own struggle. As August is Psoriasis Awareness Month, would it be OK for me to re-blog one of your posts? I have a lot of readers and want to raise more consciousness about what this condition means to people other than myself.

    Take Care and Keep Strong.

    Nouveau Yuppy

  2. Maya

    Hi, Katinka. PsA is one of my many diagnoses, and I just started Remicade. I was wondering if you take other medications as well? I have severe itching but my doc says its from the neuropathy caused by Sjögrens. Do you by any chance take Plaquenil? Trying to explain the itching to anyone who has never experienced it is impossible. It’s like being stung all over by a million bees, except instead of eventually dying, you’re alive the whole time. Have you tried Neurontin? That’s the only thing that gets me through some episodes.

    • Dear Maya, I don’t take Plaquenil. The only thing I take for the itching is Benydryl or something similar because my itching is actually caused by Remicade, normally they would remove me from Remicade but it seems to be working better than anything else. I do take Aleve when I still can manage the pain and it does seem to take my pain from red to a bearable orange but thats all I take. I hope they find something that works for you.

  3. Hello Katinka,
    I came across your blog through Arthritis Care, who have been so lovely in sharing my own blog with readers. I suffer from RA, not PsA, but anyone suffering from any type of arthritis have many of the same challenges. I would be pleased to add your blog to my blogroll, so that my readers can learn about different types of arthritis. Please feel free to stop by for a visit and read about some of my own experiences battling arthritis, or as I have dubbed her “the old lady in my bones”. Stay well.
    J.G. Chayko http://theoldladyinmybones.com

  4. Nancy Kay

    Thanks for the blog ….I have severe RA (ankylosing spondylitis) and recently started on Remicade … Found your blog while searching internet tonight (fighting the pain – I guess our way of life). I’m hoping Remicade gives me back some quality life and look forward to reading more of your challenges and wins.

  5. Shannon Hestand

    I am recently diagnosed with psa (10/13), I am very glad to find your blog.I have speeding my way thru all the meds and am about to hit infusions stage.I makes me happy to see you dancing when I want to keep moving and struggling. Way to go.

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